U.S. Catholic Opinion Research Survey (164P) | Priests For Life
Thank President Trump For Being the Most Pro-Life President in Modern Times
A National Survey of 10,000,000 American Catholics Concerning Planned Parenthood’s Crimes Against Humanity and the Democrat Party’s Hostility to Pro-Life Americans

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: We will deliver a full report on the results of this enormous survey of Catholics to President Trump, his top advisers, members of Congress, governors and state lawmakers, all nine Supreme Court Justices, federal judges, bishops, cardinals, and the news media.

BABY TORTURE & KILLING SUMMARY: For decades, Priests for Life has been involved in exposing Planned Parenthood's multi-million-dollar baby torture, killing, and body parts harvesting business. Planned Parenthood waits until the baby is in the "breech position" with feet visible so the "doctor" can grab the feet and more easily get the organs and body parts intact. At times the baby "drops out" and is born alive. But this doesn't stop the "organ procurement technician" from using tools to tear the baby apart while the baby's feet are still kicking and the heart still beating. The baby's internal organs and body parts are then sold to the highest bidder.

OUTRAGE SUMMARY: Planned Parenthood abortionists and top officials have been captured on video laughing and joking about how much money they are making from this baby torture, killing, and organ harvesting business. One boasted that she planned to "buy a Lamborghini" sports car with all the money she's making. A Lamborghini costs $200,000 to $400,000.

CRIME SUMMARY: It's a serious federal crime to adjust the timing of an abortion (such as to wait until the baby is more developed and organs more valuable) in order to harvest the baby's organs and body parts for sale. The penalty for this crime is imprisonment for up to 10 years for each offense. So far seven states have opened criminal investigations into Planned Parenthood's baby body parts harvesting business.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD'S BUSINESS MODEL: Planned Parenthood performs more than 328,000 abortions per year and charges anywhere from $350 to $1,500 per abortion (depending on how advanced the pregnancy is). So this amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars Planned Parenthood receives from its abortion business. In addition, Planned Parenthood receives more than $554,000,000 in federal taxpayer money.

ISSUE SUMMARY: The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, announced recently that pro-life Americans are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. He also says the National Democrat Party will demand that all Democrat candidates for elected office support abortion. This comes on the heels of the Democrat Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, announcing that there's "no place" in New York State for anyone who is pro-life. Yet 23% of Democrats say they are pro-life.

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: What is your opinion of the programs described below now being conducted by Priests for Life? The combined goal of all these programs is to generate enormous and overwhelming voter demand on Congress, state legislatures, and governors to immediately END all taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and to create a culture that values life so we can END abortion in America.

Letter of Thanks & Appreciation to President Donald Trump
From 10,000,000 Pro-Life Americans

Dear President Trump,

You have my heartfelt thanks for being the most boldly pro-life President in modern times.

I thank you for your appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, who we know is pro-life because he wrote and published a book on the value and sanctity of every human life. I thank you for being faithful in appointing dozens of pro-life judges to the lower federal courts.

I thank you for ENDING all taxpayer funding for international organizations that perform abortions.

I thank you for taking the first step to ENDING taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood by signing a law that grants states the legal right to deny funding to Planned Parenthood.

My prayers are with you as you continue to push forward with your bold pro-life agenda, including the appointment of more pro-life Supreme Court Justices and federal judges.

And my prayers are with you as you continue to pressure Congress to put legislation on your desk immediately that completely ENDS the approximately $554 MILLION Planned Parenthood receives from taxpayers every year. This is half of Planned Parenthood's $1 BILLION annual budget.

I will continue to pray daily for the safety of you and your family.

Catholic Voter Petition of Demand
To Immediately END to All Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood

To: U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative

As a voter in, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to vote to immediately END all federal taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood immediately.

Planned Parenthood, is America's largest abortion provider – conducting upwards of 328,000 abortions every year.

Undercover investigative videos also exposed Planned Parenthood's horrific baby internal organ  harvesting business, where the babies suffer unimaginable pain and torture.

I do not want one more dollar of my hard-earned tax money to go to this evil organization.

I vote in every election. I will watch your vote closely on this matter of utmost importance.


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