Priests For Life’s Lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court! Emergency Donation Reply (98)(2) | Priests For Life
Priests For Life’s Lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court!
Emergency Donation Reply
To STOP ObamaCare from Forcing Pro- Life Employers from Including Abortion in their Health Care Plans

Dear Father Pavone,

Thank you for sending me a check in the mail – as a way to make sure I would not miss your EMERGENCY LETTER concerning your case in the Supreme Court of the United States to prevent ObamaCare from violating the religious freedom of pro-life Americans by forcing them to include abortion in health care plans.

I certainly will NOT cash this check, as I realize Priests for Life cannot afford to lose this money.

I thank you and Priests for Life for pursing this lawsuit in the federal courts now since 2012 – battling the entire Obama Justice Department and their army of lawyers and staff every step of the way.

I share your view that ObamaCare’s outrageous HHS mandate that employers (including Christians and pro-life Americans) must include abortion-inducing drugs in health insurance plans is an unconstitutional assault on our religious liberty, as guaranteed to us by federal law and the Constitution itself.

Thank you for explaining that Priests for Life’s LEGAL FUND is now out of funds from your four-year legal fight in the federal courts – costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And thank you for explaining that this FINAL battle in the Supreme Court is costing Priests for Life an estimated $100,000. I am heartened to know that your two lead attorneys are fighting this battle pro bono (not charging for their time) because they believe in the pro-life cause as much as I do. But I also know there are still many other costs in a legal battle of this magnitude. There’s all the legal research that must be paid for, staff who must be paid, plus all the document photocopying and preparation.

In addition, I understand you must now also gear up a major advertising and media campaign to make sure the American people understand what the coming Supreme Court ruling actually means – so that America doesn’t just hear the abortion industry’s interpretation of the Court’s ruling.

Therefore, you can count on me to help carry Priests for Life to victory in this battle . . . because victory here in the Supreme Court will deliver a devastating blow to the abortion industry and ObamaCare’s assault on religious liberty, on pro-life Americans, and on innocent babies in the womb.

I am rushing you my very best gift of . . .

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