2018 Pro-Life Voter Registration Confirmation Survey (214) | Priests For Life
Stop the Radical Anti-Christian, Pro-Abortion Left and "Dishonest News" Media

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: Priests for Life is building the largest database of pro-life Americans ever created, tracking all our voter registration, education, and turnout operations. Specifically, we will enter the names and contact information of every pro-life signer of this "Promise to Vote" and every participant in this survey into our pro-life voter database. Our goal is to significantly increase pro-life voter participation in every election.

Our estimate is that there are more than 90 MILLION solidly pro-life adult citizens in America who are eligible to vote. The problem is only about 60 percent of pro-life Americans vote in Presidential Elections. And only 40 percent of eligible pro-life voters cast ballots in off-year mid-term Congressional Elections. Imagine the difference it would make if we could get 30 MILLION more pro-life Americans to actually vote in elections instead of stay home. We could end abortion in America very quickly if that happened.

ISSUE SUMMARY: President Trump promised during the 2016 campaign that he would only appoint pro- life Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and to our federal courts. Priests for Life considers President Trump's first Supreme Court appointment Justice Neil Gorsuch to be solidly pro-life. Priests for Life is also very pleased with the dozens of federal judges President Trump has nominated to America's lower federal courts. In all, President Trump is likely to have at least two more Supreme Court Justice appointments, or even as many as four more Supreme Court Justice appointments if he wins re-election in 2020.

ISSUE SUMMARY: Priests for Life believes that President Trump has proven with his actions so far that he is the most pro-life President in modern U.S. history. He is the first Presidential nominee of a major political party to explicitly and publicly pledge to only appoint pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court. He has taken the first step to ENDING taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (America's largest abortion provider) by restoring to the states the option of denying Planned Parenthood access to Medicaid funds. He has HALTED all taxpayer funding from going to international organizations that perform or promote abortions. He has urged Congress to enact legislation to END all further taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, which would cut-off about $554 MILLION in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood every year.

ISSUE SUMMARY: Pro-abortion, anti-Christian leaders (including Democrat leaders in Congress) are calling the 2018 mid-term Congressional Elections "The Impeachment Election" and have promised to immediately launch Impeachment Proceedings against President Trump if they win majority control of Congress in 2018.

2018 ELECTIONS BATTLE PLAN SUMMARY: In 2016, Priests for Life's Catholic voter education,  registration, and turnout programs made more than 70 MILLION contacts with Catholics in the key battleground states (such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Iowa). We did this with . . .

  • The Catholic Voter Education packets we mailed all over the country;
  • The more than 20 MILLION emails and text messages we sent to Catholic voters;
  • Our Social Media campaign that reached more than 20 MILLION Catholics with our videos and messages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram; and
  • Our Priests for Life VOTER GUIDES that were seen by more than 25 MILLION Catholics.

You saw the results: The American people elected the most boldly pro-life President in modern times. And we held our pro-life majority in the House and Senate. We are now conducting very much the same program and strategy for the 2018.

My Signed Promise to President Trump That I Will Vote Pro-Life in 2018!

Dear President Trump,

I am a pro-life American and a supporter of Priests for Life. You have my solemn promise that I will vote pro-life in the all-important 2018 Congressional Elections – what the pro-abortion, anti-Christian radicals are calling "The Impeachment Election" . . . because they promise to immediately launch Impeachment Proceedings against you if they win majority control of Congress.

Plus, I know that if the radical pro-abortion, anti-Christian Left wins majority control of Congress, they will have the power to block all your pro-life Supreme Court Justice and federal judge appointments.

I want to thank you for your appointment of the solid pro-life Constitutionalist Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He is proving to be terrific. According to Priests for Life's analysis, the dozens of judges you have also nominated to America's lower federal courts have been equally terrific.

In fact, you are proving to be the most pro-life President in modern times. Not only have your Supreme Court and federal courts appointments been rock solid from a pro-life perspective, but you have taken many other pro-life executive actions as well.

You have taken the first step toward ending U.S. taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (America's largest abortion provider) by restoring to the states the option of denying Planned Parenthood access to Medicaid funds and other federal grant money. Of course, an act of Congress is required to completely HALT the approximately $554 MILLION Planned Parenthood receives from U.S. taxpayers each year – which helps fund the 328,000 abortions Planned Parenthood performs each year.

You have STOPPED all U.S. taxpayer funding for international organizations that perform abortions.

By Executive Order, you protected the religious freedom of groups like ours from the Obama Administration's mandate that tried to force employers – including those with deep religious and pro-life convictions – to assist in the provision of abortion and contraception through health insurance.

You have Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life on your Pro-life Advisory Coalition and Catholic Advisory Group. You have boldly promised to support a pro-life legislative agenda which is also that of Priests for Life and is aimed at stopping the killing of more than 1,000,000 babies each year by abortion.

For all these, and other reasons, I thank you. In addition to my promise to vote, in the 2018 mid-term Congressional Elections, I will vote for the candidates committed to support your pro-life Supreme Court and federal Court appointments, as well as your pro-life legislative agenda.

I will also do all I can to make sure at least three like-minded pro-life friends and relatives also vote in 2018, who might not vote without me pushing them to vote.


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