2016 U.S. Christian Opinion Research Survey (84) | Priests For Life
2016 U.S. Christian Opinion Research Survey
A National Survey of 1,000,000 American Christians Concerning ABORTION vs. LIFE

We expect this survey of 1,000,000 Christians to receive wide media coverage and the results to be studied carefully by America's Christian leaders and leaders in government.
Priests for Life will be sharing the results of this enormous survey with . . .

  • Pope Francis;
  • Cardinals;
  • Bishops worldwide;
  • Americans Priests;
  • Leaders of Seminaries, Catholic schools, and colleges;
  • President Obama and his senior advisors;
  • Members of Congress
  • America's eight Supreme Court Justices
  • Federal Judges in America
  • Governors
  • State lawmakers in America
  • Reporters, journalists, and news media executives;
  • Radio talk show hosts and newspaper columnists; and
  • Influential bloggers and news-oriented websites.

We will encourage priests to talk about the results of this survey with their congregations and to make this survey report available to their parishioners.

The main purpose of this survey is to show bishops, priests, Christian leaders, and leaders in government the true views of American Christians on ABORTION vs. LIFE.

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Father Pavone Signature
Father Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

INSTRUCTIONS: Please select the answers that come closest to your point of view. Leave questions blank that you prefer not to answer.
Part A: Your Views on ABORTION vs. LIFE
STRATEGY SUMMARY: Priests for Life supports a wide array of legislation and strategies that will reduce the number of abortions.

QUESTION #2: Please indicate your level of support for opposition to laws backed by Priests for Life listed below:

Part B: ObamaCare's War on Unborn Babies
ISSUE SUMMARY: President Obama has said that he won't let the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby Case stop him from requiring all Americans (including pro-life Americans) to pay for health insurance plans that cover abortion.
ISSUE SUMMARY: Many legal experts believe that ObamaCare will require pro-life doctors and hospitals to perform abortions if they want to stay in the medical profession. Some Christian hospitals have already announced that they will close their doors if compelled by ObamaCare to perform abortions.
ISSUE SUMMARY: President Obama promised America that taxpayer dollars would not fund abortions through ObamaCare. But a new study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute reveals that ObamaCare is funding 71,000 to 111,500 abortions annually. ObamaCare would not have passed into law had pro-life Democrats in Congress not believed President Obama's promise. President Obama even issued an Executive Order declaring that no ObamaCare funds could be used to subsidize abortions in order to persuade pro-life Democrats to vote for ObamaCare. But as soon as ObamaCare passed into law, President Obama rescinded this Executive Order.
ISSUE SUMMARY: As part of the ObamaCare law, even the most minimal restrictions on abortion are being overturned – including partial-birth abortion and prohibitions against taxpayer-funding of abortion.
ISSUE SUMMARY: America's largest abortion provider, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, is already receiving millions of dollars in grants from the ObamaCare exchanges, paid for with your tax money.
ISSUE SUMMARY: ObamaCare regulations require Catholic and other religious-based non-profit hospitals to justify their existence to IRS bureaucrats. To keep their charitable status, these non-profit religious-based hospitals must show IRS bureaucrats that health care is needed in the geographical area served by these hospitals. Many experts believe religious hospitals are being targeted on purpose by ObamaCare regulators because these hospitals are pro-life and refuse to perform abortions, and that the purpose of this regulatory harassment is to shut down pro-life hospitals.
Part C: Your Evaluation of Priests for Life's Campaign to End Abortion
PROGRAM SUMMARY: Please indicate your level of support for or opposition to the programs described below being conducted by Priests for Life. The combined goal of all these programs is to create a culture that values life so we can end abortion in America.
Part D: How Politically Active Are You?

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