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National Opinion Survey of 1,000,000 Americans
Concerning the Protection of the Right to Life and Religious Liberty in America
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U.S. Citizens Petition
To Uphold Religious Freedom

And To Overturn the ObamaCare Mandate that Employers Cover Abortion In Health Insurance Plans

I hereby express my support for all those who are currently fighting for religious freedom in the Supreme Court. It is my conviction that the ObamaCare mandate forcing employers (including pro-life leaders) to provide health insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs must be invalidated.

This mandate is a clear violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which says that the government may not force any citizen to violate his or her religious faith.

Moreover, the Constitution itself guarantees religious freedom for all Americans. The First Amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

For the government to force Christian and pro-life Americans to cooperate in a plan to expand coverage for abortion under penalty of law is forcing citizens to violate their religious beliefs. In fact, all major religious faiths consider abortion to be a sin and morally abhorrent.

It’s already a crime that the Supreme Court in its notorious 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling found a Constitutional right to abortion in the Constitution where no such right exists.

But for the federal government to now force pro-life Americans to participate in expanding abortion under penalty of law in this ObamaCare mandate is a frontal assault on a Constitutional liberty that already enjoys strong protection under federal law.

I implore all in authority to take the administrative, legislative, and judicial steps necessary to end the outrageous assault on religious freedom which this ObamaCare mandate represents.


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