Survey Concerning the Protection of the Right to Life and Religious Liberty in America (231) | Priests For Life
National Opinion Survey of 1,000,000 Americans
Concerning the Protection of the Right to Life and Religious Liberty in America
ISSUE SUMMARY: The state of California in 2015 passed a law (the so-called Reproductive FACT Act) that requires pro-life pregnancy centers to prominently post information promoting abortion as an option for pregnancy, including providing the phone numbers of nearby abortion clinics.
CASE SITUATION SUMMARY: The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in favor of California in this case. We at Priests for Life were praying, with NIFLA and the whole pro-life movement, that the Supreme Court would take the case, and were relieved when it did. Priests for Life believes the Supreme Court has solid grounds to decide in favor of the pregnancy centers in this case. No matter what the Justices think about abortion, their decisions on free speech and freedom of religion have been very favorable. We are praying hard, but are cautiously optimistic about this case.
FEDERAL “ABORTION MANDATE” STATUS REPORT: Priests for Life successfully battled in the federal courts for four years to overturn the Obama Administration’s “HHS mandate” that required Priests for Life, Little Sisters of the Poor, and numerous other employers to include coverage for abortion in the health insurance we offer our employees. The Supreme Court ordered the Obama Administration to work out a solution with Priests for Life that did not violate our religious freedom. We then worked with the Trump White House to have the federal ObamaCare “Abortion Coverage Mandate” changed accordingly. But now California and Pennsylvania are fighting against Little Sisters of the Poor to force them into a similar mandate on the state level! Priests for Life had to deal with this problem in New York, too, and we are opposing these mandates on the state level all across the nation.
CRUCIAL 2018 MID-TERM ELECTIONS UPDATE: While fully engaged in this key Supreme Court battle, as well as other crucial federal court and legislative fights, Priests for Life is also working (as we do every election cycle) to maximize pro-life voter participation in the all-important 2018 mid-term Elections. Priests for Life was able to achieve record-breaking pro-life voter turnout in the 2016 Presidential Elections, and you saw the results. We saw the election of a pro-life President in Donald Trump and a pro-life majority in Congress. But we have only a one-vote pro-life majority margin in the U.S. Senate – and it’s the U.S. Senate that votes to CONFIRM or REJECT President Trump’s pro-life Supreme Court and federal judge appointments.