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Dear Father Pavone,

Thank you for explaining why you sent me three reply envelopes marked July, August, and September – because summer is always the slowest fundraising season for Priests for Life – but most importantly because we are now in the FINAL HOME-STRETCH PHASE of this all-important 2016 Election Year – the most important election of our lifetime because this is the election that will set the direction of the Supreme Court for another generation.

I realize the next President of the United States is almost certain to appoint several new Supreme Court Justices. I shudder to think of these Justices being anti-life, anti-Christian radicals.

I also realize that the battle for majority control of the U.S. Senate is equally critical because it's the Senate that CONFIRMS or REJECTS Supreme Court appointments.

Father Pavone, I am right now making a special "Stretch Commitment" to support this FINAL 90-Day HOME-STRETCH Battle Plan you described in your letter, including your efforts to . . .

    1) Register 3,000,000 pro-life Americans to vote who are currently not registered to vote;

    2) Make sure every pro-life Catholic voter knows exactly where their elected Representatives in Congress stand on the life issue; and

    3) Make sure every pro-life voter actually turns out to vote on Election Day.

I am making my best donation in the amount of…

90-Day HOME-STRETCH Battle Plan
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