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2016 Pro-Life Voter Registration Confirmation
Survey & Pledge to Vote for 10,000,000 Pro-Life Americans
Why Your Voter Registration Confirmation & Pledge To Vote Are So Important
Dear Pro-Life Friend,
It’s absolutely critical that you complete this 2016 Pro-Life Voter Registration Confirmation Survey & Pledge to Vote. We are sending this survey to upwards of 10 MILLION eligible pro-life voters – many of whom are not yet registered to vote in the all-important 2016 Election.

We will use this important survey to . . .

1) Help us identify which pro-life adult citizens are registered to vote and who are not registered to vote for the all-important 2016 Elections.

With your help, we aim to register 2,000,000 brand new pro-life voters in time for the 2016 Elections . . . and then make sure they actually vote.

2) Help target our voter registration and turnout resources in the key battleground states to maximize impact.

3) Show America’s elected officials (including members of Congress and 2016 candidates for President and Congress) how many pro-life voters there are and how strongly they feel about the pro-life issue.

Contrary to what the media tells us, all respectable surveys of the past few years show that Americans are overwhelmingly pro-life today.

And young people, age 18-25 are becoming the most pro-life age group – a complete change from 40 years ago. As a result, PRO-LIFE power at the ballot box has been gaining tremendous strength in recent years – as we saw, for example, in the 2014 mid-term Congressional Elections, which delivered sweeping pro-life victories.

But too many pro-life voters still are not voting. We estimate that millions of pro-life adult Americans are not voting regularly in elections. That’s why this 2016 Pro-Life Voter Registration Confirmation Survey & Pledge to Vote that we are mailing to 10,000,000 pro-life Americans is so important.

The completion of this survey (and the information it will give us) will help Priests for Life generate a record-breaking pro-life voter turnout for the 2016 Elections. Please also be sure to complete the IMPORTANT DONATION REPLY section on the back of this form.


Father Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Instructions: Please answer each question with the answer that most closely reflects your opinion.
ISSUE SUMMARY: The next President is likely to have several Supreme Court Justice Appointments. So the next President will set the direction of the Supreme Court for another generation.
ISSUE SUMMARY: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
is telling Christians that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” In other words, she is saying Christians need to change their beliefs to agree with abortion-on-demand (including partial-birth abortion) and even threatens saying, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will” [against those who subscribe to Christian moral beliefs].
ISSUE SUMMARY: If the next President appoints a pro-abortion radical to fill the seat of the late pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court will tip in a decisively pro-abortion direction. This is why Priests for Life believes the 2016 Election is the most important election of our lifetime.
ISSUE SUMMARY: Majority control of the U.S. Senate also hangs in the balance. Right now, we have a narrow pro-life majority in the Senate. One-third of the U.S. Senate is up for election in November. The U.S. Senate CONFIRMS or REJECTS the President’s Supreme Court Justice appointments.